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After The Fall, An Arch Angel, last of his kind sets out on an Adventure one that he will not forget. He Falls onto Eva's Torn Apocalyptic World in order to restore order to The World. Will He make it out Alive? Or Will he Fall Like So many Before him? Find out in This Apocalyptic Episode! #Horror

Seizure Warning:  This Game contains the colors red, purple and other colors that might trigger Seizures, Please take Caution when this Game.
Seizure Warning #2:  This game contains flashing lights/colors and bright Lights that might trigger seizures  please take caution  when playing this game.

This Demo Contains: Chapter 1 and Chapter 1 Halloween.
Chapter 1 Contains 3 Endings: Normal Ending, Alternative ending and Treat Ending.  Doesnt Include Chapter 2


Final Demo Build Legacy.zip 483 MB

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Love that she likes how bad shes torturing me as a gametester lol

Oh no :D