A downloadable game

One Of Eva's Arch Enemies Will Rise!

But Is Eva Even Fit To Fight?
Eva Is Still Unstable!
Someone Will Have To Lead The Group?
Mary Is Acting Very Strange.
Not Mention That Necromancer Book Is Messing Wif Eva.
Who Will Take The Stand To Lead The Group To Stop This Foe!
Find Out In This Zombie Biting Episode!


➤New Features Such As Transformations etc
➤There Will be 6 Endings In total
➤Two of The Endings will extended out to Show An Old Character's Return to the Series
➤Our First Game To Made In Unity
➤An Old Enemy from The Christmas Special Returns
➤Gonna Be The Biggest Game to The Series
➤Basically New Everything c; Such Main Menu, Game over Screen c; a big step forward cx
➤Secret Transformations hidden in the game

Made In #Unity

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